Geneus - Early Morning Birdies

24 Dec

"40 dollars with a 40 acre dream"

Happy Monday and Merry Christmas Eve! This is a time for celebration and gift giving and here at the Global Media Blog it's another exciting Monday to bring you the best music out there. If you're looking for an early Christmas gift look no further than the new song from Geneus titled "Early Morning Birdies".

Geneus has that charisma and conviction that's vital to being a great emcee on "Early Morning Birdies". Geneus rides the beat effortlessly and has a style that grabs you instantly, as he delivers his hard lyrics with the ultimate conviction that keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Geneus "Early Morning Birdies" is an amazing display of hip hop has he truly shines in every facet of top tier emceeing. From the high powered flow, hard lyrics, the masterful delivery, and all being done over a knocking production that is the perfect soundtrack to Geneus great display of talent.

Check out Geneus "Early Morning Birdies" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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