F.Y.I. feat Front Page - Boom (Real Ni--As Don't Die)

16 Oct

"Adams and Crenshaw n**gas make moves!"

Los Angeles has many layers and if you're not from there you probably only think about sunshine, palm trees, and Hollywood living but there's more. Los Angeles also has it's own street culture and grittiness to it. Los Angeles emcee F.Y.I. brings you all the grit on his hard edge new track "Boom (Real Ni**as Don't Die)" featuring Front Page.

F.Y.I. gives you true emceeing over this hard production from !LLMind who crafts together a beat that sounds like a hard military march before they take over the republic. 

F.Y.I. is relentless in his approach on the track "Boom (Real Ni--As Don't Die)" as he doesn't let up on the beat for a second giving you hard lyrics and an ambitious flow that you can feel and be drawn in with his hunger for the game.

F.Y.I. enlists Front Page for the feature who brings his own reggae sound that brings the track home. Front Page brings the perfect energy to the track that will have you turning up the volume and paying respect to the display of excellence that ha taken place on this track.

Check out F.Y.I. feat Front Page "Boom (Real Ni--As Don't Die)" below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!





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