06 Oct

"I did things that would kill my momma soul!

I have to start this blog by stating I wish I would've posted this song a day earlier. First reason is because the song is dope and secondly because its the new song "Win" from the artist named FRIDAY!

Friday's are always exciting times and it's always a good vibe on that day. The same can be said about FRIDAY'S new song "Win". The track sounds like the perfect blend of Drake's "9" and "I'm Upset" as FRIDAY crafts together an anthem that you could easily here at a club or a locker room before a championship season!

FRIDAY put numbers on the board with this high caliber track with hard lyrics that pack a punch like "10 bands, f**k a friend I wanna win!" that puts him in the conversation for best new music you should look out for. Check out FRIDAY'S new song "Win" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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