F.R.H.featuring Kelsey Jumper - No Reruns

07 Apr

"I can never slack and let opponents get it first"

It's always great to see an artist dive into their creativity. Showing how diverse they can be and how many sides of the spectrum they can touch musically. An emcee that can not only show great lyrical ability, but also make music displaying not only their artistry but them as person is truly incredible. F.R.H. does this to perfection with his track "No Reruns" that is the second installment of his Sunday Series.

F.R.H. was first on Global Money World with his song "Bottle and a Friend" , Showing his high level of emceeing from his great lyrical ability and polished flow. With his new track "No Reruns" he dives deep and creates a soulful record about not going back to old relationships and steady moving forward in a stellar way

F.R.H.'s "No Reruns" is the perfect track to display to show his range as an artist and how talented of an artist he is. This track is raw and honest, while still maintaining his great lyrical ability and hungry flow that you can hear in every word, with Kelsey Jumper adding that extra soul in her beautiful vocal performance that takes this amazing record over the top.

Check out F.R.H."featuring Kelsey Jumper "No Reruns" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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