F.R.H. - White Cop

05 May

"Trouble in my soul, feel it in my soles"

Happy Sunday!!! If you're tuning in for another Sunday, then you know today you can expect a new record from super emcee F.R.H. He has put together an impressive catalog of music with each shining for it's own special reason, while also showcasing his continual growth as an artist. In this ever going display of art F.R.H. takes the listeners to many sides of his artistic spectrum landing us here today with the new record "White Cop".

F.R.H. dives deep into his realm of creativity with his new song "White Cop". The new song "White Cop" is very daring in it's approach and articulation, with the song writing being some of his best to date. It's no question of his emceeing skills and shows just how big of an arsenal he has creatively, displaying his singing skills that are reminiscent of the mighty Yasiin Bey from his "The New Danger" work.

F.R.H.'s "White Cop" may be his best song lyrically to date ,with his consciously aware lyrics that shine all over this record. The execution of the lyrics are perfect, with the vulnerabilities he shows in his singing that hit home in a major way to connect with the listener on a new level. The Sunday Streams continue and it's getting better with each release.

Check out F.R.H. "White Cop" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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