F.R.H. - Spend N Sip

26 May

"I got the drip, I'm on my shit today"

Happy Sunday!! It's Memorial Day weekend with everybody out celebrating and enjoying life with their people. If you have been tuning in you know super talented emcee F.R.H. has been giving classics here every Sunday. Displaying incredible range with every release and letting his pen shine every time. The newest edition to his infamous Sunday Series is the anthem for the weekend and beyond called "Spend N Sip".

F.R.H. has been gold with every release and his songwriting skills are always on point. Not just being lyrically intact with his verses, but with his hooks that show he's a true craftsman at making great music for people to enjoy and vibe to. With "Spend N Sip" he crafts together a record, that packs his signature bravado while making a jam you can raise your glass and let your swagger shine, the same as he does in the track.

F.R.H.'s "Spend N Sip" has a flashy vibe to it that will make the listener feel untouchable, as he is able to connect with the listener in every way. The emceeing is on point like it always is with the flow having an undeniable presence, the lyrics being just right, and the production that is the perfect score for this musical blockbuster he gives you.

Check out F.R.H. "Spend N Sip" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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