F.R.H. - Floyd

19 May

"My money like Floyd"

Happy Sunday!!! We've made it out another week and we've made it another day to enjoy some more Hip Hop. You can already expect excellence on this great day of content and what's Hip Hop excellence more than Global Money World regular F.R.H. with his new song "Floyd".

With all of the classics F.R.H. has provided, it would take a whole post to list off all of the incredible releases he has shared with us. His consistent and relentless approach has paid off major dividends, with his music showing his wide range with every release, and his fan base growing at an incredible rate every day. F.R.H.'s latest release "Floyd" encompasses everything that we love about his music.

F.R.H. is truly a master of his craft and you can hear it in his music.He is a truly a knockout on this track and truly lives up to the name "Floyd". This track provides infinite bounce on this track that he flexes all over with him spitting right on the money on this infectious track you have to hear.

F.R.H.'s "Floyd" is another impressive track to add to this ever growing amazing catalog for this talented artist. He's undefeated and just added another W to his Sunday Series for the world to enjoy.

Check out F.R.H. "Floyd" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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