01 Nov

"I'm bout to tear it down, make sure you see the damage"

Whenever an artist produces and raps they usually are always way better in one area. They're either really good producers with an average pen or a great emcee with average production skills. Not too many can do both at an amazing level but the multi-talented FRESCOTOLDYA does the combination at an excellent level on his new song "STRANGE THINGS".

FRESCOTOLDYA's pen is sharp on "STRANGE THINGS" with him packing a punch on every line that each can be a quotable on it's own. FRESCOTOLDYA has the right bravado and swagger to carry this hard self produced beat with lines like  "The newest Lancelot till I get to Camelot, Excalibur my 40 caliber and it don't jam a lot" that really show how raw he is.

FRESCOTOLDYA's "STRANGE THINGS" is that real hip hop that purists and new age fans will be able to mutually go crazy for. Everything is razor sharp from production, flow, and lyrics that displays all of FRESCOTOLDYA's talents.

Check out FRESCOTOLDYA "STRANGE THINGS" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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