Frankie Blanco feat DrewKaboom - Black Ties

06 Oct

"Til the day I die I'm so f**kin 305"

Frankie Blanco takes you to the concrete jungle on "Black Ties". As he and DrewKaboom get on their black ties and get to work on this track that is tailored for a lyrical onslaught. 

Frankie Blanco raps like a hip hop technician over this production that sounds like it could've came out the 36 chambers while he attacks each bar with precision. Frankie maneuvers through the track with his hard wordplay and hungry flow that lets you know he has bars for days just play a beat and he will be able to snap any track.

Frankie Blanco enlists DrewKaboom for the feature who accepts and handles the tone set by Frankie as he carries the track with his hard mellow flow "Rhyme harmonizer whatever, bounce back I'm  better than I ever been".

Frankie Blanco and DrewKaboom talents are in full bloom on "Black Ties' ! check it out below and follow the on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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