Frank B - Don't Go featuring Fame (M.O.P.)

28 Sep

"Man among-st savages"

More than ever lately I'm seeing that true hip hop lives on as I come across tracks wit true emceeing with remarkable wordplay and hard production. Frank B's new song featuring M.O.P's own Fame "Don't Go" fits the bill as they both snap and punch all over this gritty production from Git Beats.

Frank B's beat selection for this track is on point as the production is so raw and takes me back to hearing Wu Tang 36 Chambers for the first time with the right amount of mud in the mix to make it the right type of dirty to get into it.

Frank B comes full force as soon as the sample chants "Don't Go, Don't you leave" as he states "Picked up a pen again, started to write, rock the mic handle bars, yeah I'm riding a bike!" Instantly giving you hard bars with enough wit to make you listen out for more. Frank B continues to man handle the beat with enough lines to make a barcode before the legendary Fame from M.O.P takes over.

With the precedent set Fame easily rises and advances the challenge setting the tone with the opener "Scare the death out a n**ga, beat the breath out a n**ga, stomp the chest out a n**ga". Instantly making a statement he needs to be played with and continues to display excellence that has made his name legendary 

Frank B and Fame's "Don't Go' is the track you need to hear if you love real hip hop as they both display greatness in every line. A link to the track is below and follow them on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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