Floco Torres - Chance

20 Sep

"They never gave us a plan that's why we made one up!"

Growing up I was a big fan of Kanye West. His soulful style with honest and witty lyrics made me fall in love with hip hop as soon as i heard his debut "College Dropout". Floco Torres song "Chance" takes me back to that time.

Floco Torres is a New Jersey Native and now resides in Akron, OH and the song "Chance" has that Midwest soul sound. The track starts off with keys and Floco saying "All we ever wanted...was a chance" sounding like it could have easily been a sample. 

Floco takes over the song rapping in a style that is easily a perfect blend of Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor days and Kanye West verse on "Spaceships" with a line like "They tell me that they made it but not how to get through". Easily capturing the the struggles we go through seeing people who have made it and just wondering how to get our slice of the pie. 

Floco Torres says "Chance" was written to narrate the moment we have in the mirror when we don't feel the greatest about ourselves and the song is just that. Covering a wide range of topics while still being entertaining with great story telling and awesome chorus.

Feel free to check out the track below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!



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