Fidem Beats - Memories From The Bottom

24 Mar

"This industry is filled with parasites and roaches"

Only thing consistent Hip Hop is growth and change. Hip Hop continues to evolve as artists are more and more talented in different areas of music besides emceeing. An artist who is a shining example of the new wave of multi talented artist is Fidem Beats with his new song "Memories From the Bottom"

Fidem Beats is a multi - talented Rapper/Producer who puts all of his talents into incredible use on his new song "Memories From the Bottom". Fidem spits masterfully over this self produced track that he tailor made for himself to spit real rap with lyrics he kicks from the heart that you feel with every bar from beginning to end

Fidem Beats "Memories From The Bottom" is everything in the title. It's a record true to the core of top emceeing at it's finest. Fidem hits the mark on every criteria of top notch hip hop from flow, lyrics, and production everything is crafted to a master level.

Check out Fidem Beats "Memories From The Bottom" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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