Euphorik - All on Me

03 Nov

"I got the whole family trippin, but they believe in me"

It's a lot of different music for a lot of different moods. Sometimes you need something smooth and mellow, then there are times you need something that packs a punch and electrifying.  Euphorik's new song "All on Me" off his debut album "Lucid" is that exciting music you need to really get you out of your seat!

Euphorik's "All on Me" grabs you instantly as soon as the beat drops on this hard production that 808's knock right out the speaker as Euphorik let's his presence be known. Euphorik has a powerful presence on "All on Me" as his confident swagger is on full bloom while giving us his tale of the come up.

Euphorik is on point in every aspect on "All on Me" from his bravado filled flow, hard lyrics and delivery that makes this song a commanding statement to all of his fans new and old.

Check out Euphorik "All on Me' below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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