Essaay - Cheddar

14 Nov

"I never had a lot, so i worked a lot, and I thank God everyday I ain't in no block"

Hip Hop is extremely male dominated. Male dominated to the point, if I told you I knew an emcee who has an incredible pen, a mastered flow with the right amount of charisma, and can just rock the beat with plenty of flex, you would immediately think of male but however, I'm speaking of none other than the amazing talented female emcee Essaay on her track "Cheddar".

Essaay is a 19 year old emcee but has a skill set beyond her years. Essaay executes her ideas masterfully as she rocks the mic with her hard braggadocios flow, as she really gets to the money on "Cheddar". Essaay isn't just all flow as her lyrics pack a punch with excitement at every turn with raw lines like "They stay up on my jock but can't suck for free".

Essaay's "Cheddar" is everything you need to hear in rap as this young female emcee has the skills and swagger to take over the world and all will soon know the emcee known as Essaay.

Check out Essaay "Cheddar" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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