EllaMaeFlossie - Ebony Stoned (Official Video)

24 May

"I'm 21 in blackjack" 

Happy Friday!!! We've all made it another week and if you're reading this that means you could've been anywhere in the world but you're here with us, we appreciate that (Jay - Z voice). Fridays are all about the best of the best content and who exudes excellence more than EllaMaeFlossie with their new video to the song "Ebony Stoned".

EllaMaeFlossie is a collective of Fay Grim a/k/a LiKWUiD who is on the vocals, Zaven Embree the music director, and honorary member Willie Green who handles production and engineering. They come to create a captivating record that really displays a high level of skills, while being consciously aware of issues for African Americans in America that creates a thrilling experience.  Hip Hop has always been about keeping it real and no other emcee keeps it real like EllaMaeFlossie

EllaMaeFlossie's "Ebony Stoned" is what you get when artists give their all on in their music. The rapping is first class, while being authentic as ever giving truth, as well as packing a punch as an emcee with a sharp pen, and sharper flow to make this track a stand out in every way.

Check out EllaMaeFlossie "Ebony Stoned (Official Video)" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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