EllaMaeFlossie - Ebony Stoned

06 Oct

"BlacKOW when I black out"

Some music is just smooth and relaxes you and some music just comes and slaps you right in the muthaf**kin face. EllaMaeFlossie's new track "Ebony Stoned" is truly the latter.

EllaMaeFlossie is a collective of Fay Grim a/k/a LiKWUiD who is on the vocals, Zaven Embree the music director, and honorary member Willie Green who handles production and engineering. They come together and form like Voltron on this track that is just sick! 

LiKWUiD comes through emptying the entire lyrical clip as she comes with a style that sounds like if MIA X and M.I.A. fused together while firing off with  nothing but black references in the first verse like "Ace of spade with a black heart, I'm 21 in blackjack and 21 on that blacktop, I've been blacklisted and blackballed but I'm a Queen piece with these black hearts".

EllaMaeFlossie really came together and made a masterpiece with nothing short of excellence from the mix, production, and vocals it's all gold as they tackle patriarch of capitalism and any other ism.

Check out EllaMaeFlossie's "Ebony Stoned" below and follow them on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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