Elio - AIM (Freestyle)

02 Nov

"I'm only getting better, y'all can get it whenever"

The New York hip hop scene has always been the pulse of the culture. If the New York hip hop scene is off it seems like the culture is at a disarray and when it's good all is well in the land. With so much emerging talent coming from the Mecca the future looks bright for the culture. Elio is one of those talents and he shines bright on the new track "AIM (Freestyle)".

We last heard from Elio on the collaboration with lyricist on the track "Nasty" but this is a solo effort from the emcee and it's on point. Elio stands on his own and gives an amazing display of true hip hop craftsmanship. Elio's high powered flow steals the show on this Kato on the Track production. 

Elio is relentless on "AIM (Freestyle)" with his vicious flow and hard bars like "Working on my mental, there's a difference in our core strength" that really shows the flex in his pen and makes this song a winner.

Check out Elio "AIM (Freestyle) below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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