EL Dirty AC - Stick It N' Leave

19 Feb

"Gotta pay the fee, don't play with me"

What happens when hard work meets talent? Great success. EL Dirty AC is the perfect example of an artist being a boss and making moves doing things his way. He was one of our Top Five Artist to Look Forward to in 2019 and also was the cover artist for our Global World Magazine. If you want to know why he is deserving of this look no further than this High Class Player shit he gives you with his new song "Stick It N' Leave".

EL Dirty AC has a style about himself that is infectious and helps him shine like a star in his new video "Stick It N' Leave". The production has that right bounce courtesy of Henke Too Raw that EL Dirty shines over perfectly. He maneuvers through the beat with his High Class Player lyrics that he's known for, and that fans love and expect from this talented emcee putting Indianapolis on his back.

EL Dirty AC's "Stick It N Leave" is the perfect start for his 2019 that will sure be huge for this amazing emcee. The charisma and bravado on the mic is ever so present and shines even more with a visual that is also edited by this multi - talented artist. The rhymes are player and it's all delivered on a high class plate of gold, for the listeners all over the world.

Check out EL Dirty AC "Stick It N Leave" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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