Dunson featuring Rowlan - Shine

07 Nov

"I don't need your permission to shine"

The pursuit to find and post the best content is a great journey and process I enjoy. There's good days and then there are days I just hope someone comes and saves me with some good music. Dunson not only saved me but surpassed any expectation one could have with a hip hop song so soulful it could be considered gospel that is featuring emcee Rowlan on the new song "Shine".

Dunson is masterful in his approach on "Shine" flowing relentlessly over this soulful production. Dunson never let's up for a second giving you a hard ambitious flow with the perfect combination of amazing rhymes like  "Chose rap they don't think I'm in the right mind, but never have to wonder if I really write mine" that make this song gold.

Dunson enlists Rowlan for the feature and he delivers nothing short of excellence. Rowlan has a commanding presence with his powerful rap voice and great rhymes that knocks it out the park and the perfect feature for this track.

Check out Dunson featuring Rowlan "Shine" below and also follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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