Dough Boyy - Nah Mean

10 Aug

"Dough B I'm gettin to this paper Nah Mean!"

Friday has become the new day to receive all the hottest new music from your favorite major artist to favorite indie artist. For this Friday i have the new heat everyone should hear by emcee Dough Boyy titled "Nah Mean".

I love tracks that I can hear the artist oozing confidence and if you not out here grinding it will definitely make you want to. Dough Boyy comes right in with the hook "Dough B I'm gettin to this paper (Nah Mean), Chasin gettin closer to my Dreams (Nah Mean) , Fresh to death the hottest on the Scene (Nah Mean) , Diamonds straight shinin high beams (Nah Mean)!

Dough Boyy takes control of the track and matches the hard chorus with equally hard verses that paints a picture of the grind and hustle as masterfully as Young Jeezy did when he came unto the scene with Thug Motivation 101.

The future is bright for Dough B and i recommend getting on the wave now Nah Mean! Link to the song is below as well as his twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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