Doov - Target

16 Nov

“Know they gonna feel me, I’m really to putting my heart in”

The old saying goes “In order to make it as an artist, people have to either want to be you or believe you”. I’ve found that to be fact for some of my favorite artists and haven’t seen artists make it without one of those things. An artist truly has to have appeal and have to bring you in with conviction to make you a fan. Doov does this to perfection on his new song “Target” as he draws you in and makes you believe every word he says. 

Doov gives you the real on “Target” as he has a melodic flow that has a perfect mixture of grace and pain to it, that it immediately engages you and makes you feel every word. Doov takes you on his journey of the come up with him and truly paints a masterpiece with his words as you can really see what he’s saying in his heartfelt lyrics.

Doov’s “Target” is everything that we try to give you everyday especially on Fridays when we make it a point to give you the best music out there and Doov truly is one of the best.

Check out Doov “Target” below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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