donSMITH - If You Know

15 Oct

"What's the point of taking shots if your shooters can't follow through"

New York undeniably has the richest Hip Hop history ever. With it being the cultures birthplace and so many legendary emcees coming from there it creates a lot of pressure for upcoming artist to live up to. Some emcees rise to the occasion and some fold. Harlem World's donSMITH rises.

donSMITH gives you true emceeing at its finest on his song with the accompanying video "If You Know". donSMITH shows master class penmanship over this production that sounds like the soundtrack to New York.

donSMITH gives you nothing short of excellence on "If You Know" with each line having replay value that will make you keep going back to listen to before you even finish the song with lines like "Still shred every statement from the bank account and PayPal".

Check out donSMITH's "If You Know" below and also follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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