Domosaurus_Rex - Limelight

25 Jul

When you do the first of anything you want it to be special and define what the future holds for the movement you plan to embark on. For the first artist to feature Domosaurus Rex song "Limelight" is just that.

The track starts off with smooth abstract sounds that you instantly get lost in, then Domosaurus smooth vocals come in that are reminiscent of The Weeknd in his "House of Balloons" days. 

Instantly coming in with the smooth hook that can be sung by the masses "She said that I'm trippin I don't act right, Vision 20/20 when its on sight, Baby lets just f**k I dont wanna fight, I can't help it that I'm always in the limelight."

Through the song Domosaurus Rex shows his flex and swagger through this bragdacio playboy anthem for all the listeners to enjoy.

Feel free to look at his work below and follow him on twitter. 

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