Domosauraus_Rex- Simple

15 Jan

"Fighting's my type, I'm a champ with the muscle"

This post is special for a lot of different reasons. The idea of Global Media Blog started as a way to showcase the artists we felt were special and deserved some shine. In order to complete that task, we needed dope artists and especially needed an incredible artist to make a statement, to really get this thing started right. That incredible artist was Domosaurus_Rex with his song "Limelight". He's back with us and better than ever with his new song "Simple".

Domosaurus_Rex has a style about him that can't be denied and it shines on his new song "Simple". Giving us all the bravado and flair we could ask for, while spitting lines that pack plenty of punch, and excitement at every turn of the track. He maneuvers through the track with ease, with a well polished and trained flow that rides the wave of the production to perfect.

Domosaurus_Rex's "Simple" is an amazing display of hip hop you should stop what you're doing and listen to now. It has every element of great music from the hard lines that hit on target with masterful precision, the flow that oozes confidence with every word, and all over the right production that has that bounce. Domo truly makes it all look so simple.

Check out Domosaurus_Rex "Simple" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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