Demi Day - Time

11 Jan

"Ain't nobody got my back with with this thang called rappin, but I keep on doing me cause I believe in my talent"

Happy Friday! We've made it through another week and for a lot of people out there, this is your first full work week of the new year. Nothing helps getting through the time better than some good music and on Fridays you can expect nothing less than the best. It's all about excellence on this day and when I heard the new song "Time" from Demi Day, I knew this was the perfect song to start the day with.

Demi Day has talent that is undeniable as she shines on her new track "Time" that will have you stuck in amazement at her high class of emceeing. The lyrics are real, sharp, and introspective as she shares her story of chasing her dream that connects with the masses.  All of her lyrics are delivered masterfully with her well polished and focused flow, that you can tell she has mastered to perfection over this great production.

Demi Day's "Time" is a must hear record for the dreamers of the world. If you hear it, you will instantly love it as she wastes no time showing her genius with this incredible song that can be the soundtrack to any grind you have.

Check out Demi Day "Time" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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