Def3 - Fill Your Soul

04 Nov

"My name is Def3, I'm here to serve you some classics"

The thing that connects people to music more than anything is soul. Soul is that one thing across genres that makes people emotionally attached and lifetime fans. Hip Hop's foundation was built off of soul since the days of everybody sampling James Brown records to what we know today. A rapper who really brings that soul and will have you jumping out your seat is Def3 on his new song "Fill Your Soul".

Def3 gives you the real on his new song "Fill Your Soul" as he raps masterfully over this soulful production by Late Night Radio. Def3 is on point in every aspect hip hop from his razor sharp flow that would wash any emcee, his pure content, and amazing lyrics that have plenty of soul like "It's only the beginning but you can call it a renaissance, bound to fill your soul every time we put the record on".

Def3's "Fill Your Soul" is that real hip hop you need as it is excellent in every facet of rap and will have purists going crazy, while also showing new fans what real hip hop sounds like.

Check out Def3 "Fill Your Soul" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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