Dee Wallz - Have It All

22 Oct

"Hope they love the flow local but I wanna go global"

Another great start to the week means you need a song to make it complete. I always try my best to bring you the best music on Mondays to really get your week started right and today it was honestly rough. I needed that spark to really make a statement and there is no statement louder than Dee Wallz new track "Have It All".

Dee Wallz is masterful over this production that instantly takes you back to the soulful street music coming out of Rocafella Records back in the day, with Dee Wallz giving you pure authentic hip hop as he gives you great lyrics and a fluid flow.

Dee Wallz "Have It All" is inspirational and inspiring as he takes you on the journey of his come up with nothing but confidence with lyrics like "lyrically reliable and commercially viable, bank account O'd up, everything buyable".

Dee Wallz new song "Have It All" is amazing hip hop at it's finest that you need to hear. Check it out below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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