Dax - Did It First

28 May

"I predicted it would happen, I told you I was a prophet"

The perception of musical greatness is a thing that's truly up to the listener. Whatever ones taste is and whatever they are looking for when they listen to music. If you're looking for the real you will find the genius in the new song from Dax called "Did It First".

Dax gives you everything that makes people fall in love with Hip Hop and the artist as well on his new song "Did It First". Dax is daring in his approach, being as honest as possible giving you a raw perspective of his life, while giving you a master class performance of Hip Hop. The flow is ambitious as you can hear his hunger and pain in his voice, as he spits some of the hardest rhymes you'll ever hear.

Dax "Did It First" is that game changing rap that helps keep order in this ever so changing game. While Rap is so flashy present day, Dax gives you that grit in substitute of the glamour that pays off major dividends for this one of a kind emcee.

Check out Dax "Did It First" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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