Danny Matos - Fool

11 Oct

"No more crying over wasted time, I know that's wasting time"

Music is very much lyrical as it is cinematic and being able to paint a picture with your words and production. Music is also story telling and education just as it is engaging. If you can cover these basis you stand a great chance of being a great artist. There's no further proof of that than Danny Matos on his new song "Fool".

Danny Matos is daring in his articulation on his new song "Fool" in the times where music is more simplistic and more shimmer and shine as his music is conscious with his perfect blend of grit and grace in his approach. Danny shows you he can be ultra lyrical while still giving you a melodic hook to bring everything full circle.

Danny Matos covers a wide array of topics on "Fool" from personal ambitions, struggles, government corruption, and the crazy world we live in full of vices. Danny Matos is truly a soundtrack to the makings of a man that anyone can enjoy as his powerful lyrics like "They shocked when you electric, like you should be subdued".

Check out Danny Matos "Fool" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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