Danny Ali - Grown

24 Sep

"Tay K 47 with the ammo!"

Happy Monday! I try my best to start off every week to bring you the freshest music I can find to start off the week to bring to you. Danny Ali's "Grown" is the track you need to hear today, tomorrow, and as long as you want to hear something that's dripping with flavor.

Danny Ali's new track "Grown" is self written and produced and he carries each trait equally well. Danny flexes over his hard hitting production that sounds like a beat you would hear on OutKast's "ATLiens" album if it was created present day with a slick flow and even slicker lyrics. 

Danny floats all over the track especially with lines like "Its ironic when you dying on your birthday, live a little you just die in first place". The track is packed with lines that'll stop you in your tracks all while keep your head nodding to the hard eerie production.

If you're looking for great music look no further than Danny Ali's "Grown" off his project "Cult 18" available everywhere. A link to the track is below and follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!



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