Cza Kalu - God Body

15 Aug

"God Body all on me I'm a soldier"

I started the blog with the intent on only posting one song a week unless there was an artist worth bending the rules for and Cza Kalu is one of those artist with his debut single "God Body"

"God Body" starts out with synth pads and Cza warming up that builds up to heavy-hitting rhymes "Still here still breathing, Still here for a reason, I then lost a lot of friends bad blood and I was tweaking, true colors started showing, I was going through motions, n*ggas switched up on me but God never switched on me!"

Cza Kalu takes command of the mellow bass heavy beat with his lyricism and hard delivery. "God Body" is a song that is hip hop in its finest and purest form while Cza Kalu masterfully raps about overcoming his struggles that any one can listen and relate to.

Real music lives on and if you need proof a link to Cza Kalu song "God Body" is below as well as a link to his twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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