Crack/Daniels - Take Me Alive

13 Oct

"Welcome to Hell's residence"

I love all types of music and all types of styles of hip hop. I appreciate all of the hard shit and Crack/Daniels "Take Me Alive" is the hardest shit on the streets right now guaranteed. 

Crack/Daniels "Take Me Now" is some of the hardest production I've heard in a long time and its all coming from him as he is a producer and an artist" Crack/Daniels "Take Me Now" instantly grabs you in and never lets your attention go for a second while he lets his raw lyrics flow that meshes perfectly with the beat.

Crack/Daniels doesn't slouch for a second on "Take Me Alive" as he kicks it on this track he lets be known "Step inside the dojo, you f**kin with the shogun". It's a gritty aggressive display of art that can shine in any chamber as Crack/Daniels flexes his lyrical muscle over the hardest production I've heard since hearing Method Man's "Tical" for the first time.

Check out Crack/ Daniels "Take Me Alive" below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends! 

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