Count Alonzo - Real Kings

13 Sep

"Can't sleep boy I'ma demon!"

Count Alonzo's track "Real Kings" is the music you need to hear today!

The track "Real Kings" starts off with a haunting bass line until the beat drops then instantly its production that's reminiscent of RZA before Count Alonzo comes in singing melodically "Windows down, feel the breeze, slice the top off that yellow top thing like its cheddar cheese, no lanes, open road we on the way".

Right when the verse drops Count Alonzo comes on with a rapping style that's similar to Detroit lyricist Danny Brown with slick witty wordplay with bars like "Loud pack rolled up in the back, can ya hear that" and "Thirsty n*ggas diving off the deep end".

Count's Alonzo's slick rhymes are complimented by the soothing auto tuned bridge performed by Wu that states in the first line "I know that real kings die young" explaining the title and also capturing you with the statement. 

Count crafted together a brilliant track of massive raw energy that anyone can enjoy. A link to the video is below as well as his twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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