Cory Hogan - Color

06 Oct

"I like blue like the sky or the ocean, we can go dive"

There's an exception to every rule because you always just have to make room for for something special. I try to keep the music on here as current as possible so usually anything past two weeks won't be posted unless it's special. Cory Hogan's song "Color" is that special that I need to write about it and you need to listen.

Cory Hogan's "Color" a truly a beautiful vision being brought to you in technicolor. It takes me back to the first time I heard Frank Ocean's "Nostalgia Ultra" as he comes in so soulful over the keys with "Shorty whats your name and baby what's your number, maybe we can hang and what's your favorite color".

Cory Hogan's singing style is reminiscent of Adam Levine's from Maroon 5 but has a hip hop style of writing with his great use of metaphors and also telling a story that paint's a picture full of color and bright lights. Cory uses the production as his canvas and his lyrics as fine paint brush as he creates an enjoyable smash.

Check out Cory Hogan's "Color" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

P.S. Virginia Stand Up!!!

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