CoreyV - Let it Go

06 Nov

"We got a certain type of love but we been lacking in the trust"

People always debate what exactly is soul music. The criteria is very broad to the point it's at ones perspective on what they feel soul music can be, but for me soul music is just music you can feel. CoreyV has the music you can feel that touches the soul on his new song "Let it Go" that you can vibe out to and enjoy.

CoreyV is very honest and vulnerable in his approach as he lets us into his world that instantly sticks with you while he takes you on a musical journey. CoreyV raps brilliantly over this soulful production in a style that is reminiscent of J. Cole with amazing lyrics that hit home like "Sometimes I sit here and depression, wonder if my life a blessing".

CoreyV's "Let it Go" is all around magic from the production, incredible lyrics, powerful flow, and a great chorus that really makes this not only a great display of hip hop but just all around great music.

Check out CoreyV's "Let it Go" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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