clonade - tokyo

14 Jan

"Tokyo the drift, Tokyo my whip"

Music was made to inspire. Made to bring out some emotion or thought from the listener. Just something more than what they came as before they hit play. What clonade gives you with his new song "tokyo" is something that will make you move and also your new favorite song to listen to.

This new song clonade crafts together on "tokyo" is nothing short of amazing. The production is hard and accelerating while clonade provides all the excitement in the world, with his infectious flow that engages you from the second he opens his mouth till the track ends. The lyrics are swagger filled and have that bravado or machismo you look forward in a next rap star.

The new song from clonade "tokyo" is hip hop gold. The supreme rap skills from clonade deserve all the love and adoration garnered, with his providing a stellar performance over this exciting instrumental that helped showcase his high skill level in audio form. Greatness is in stored for this amazing artist.

Check out clonade "tokyo" below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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