Clay Dub - Left Me For Dead

25 Oct

"I rose from the grave but I'm not your savior"

The world has always had a fascination of the underdog story. The story of someone losing it all and coming back to become greater than ever. It makes people feel invincible and as if they can do it too. Clay Dub embodies all of this on his new song "Left Me for Dead".

Clay Dub lets it all out on "Left Me For Dead" as he gives you a raw and honest story through his lyrics about his failed relationships, short comings and doubters, while giving them lyrical hot fire with lines like "They told me I wasn't cold so I gave them a warm December".

Clay Dub is not only lyrically sharp on "Left Me For Dead" but flow is relentless as you can hear the hunger in his voice as he takes the production by the horns and maneuvers through it however he deems fitting as he gives you hip hop excellence.

Check out Clay Dub "Left Me For Dead" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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