chrisfrmkro & slikk - que sera sera

12 Feb

"Que sera sera, I just let it be"

A grea thing about this platform, is being able to witness artists greatness, Getting a front row seat at musical growth and innovative ideas from the incredible talent that passes through. Some of the most incredible talent to be on here, has come from St Louis duo chrisfrmkro and slikk. They first were on here with their song "rush hour 2 it's a sequel" , as well as chrisfrmkro being featured on the Producer Spotlight. The pair is back with with their new song "que sera sera" that is another trophy in the case for this dynamic pair.

This new song "que sera sera" by chrisfrmkro and slikk is an amazing display of music that shows just how creative they can get. The production is daring in its approach, that pays major dividends with a beat that sounds like a hard trap flip from the legendary Prince's "Batman" album. The vocal performance by the two is packed with their signature swagger with the right amount of auto tune throughout, and slikk giving an incredible display of emceeing that makes his presence felt on this smash.

The record "que sera sera" is the perfect statement to let you know this pair isn't going anywhere and you can expect magic whenever they drop. From the production, lyrics, and delivery, chrisfrmkro and slikk understand how to make music to a level that makes them destined for super stardom, as they create another musical gem.

Check out chrisfrmkro and slikk "que sera sera" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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