chrisfrmkro & slikk (Prod by lovebaker) - mr omg

26 Feb

"A man that provide for his, then go divide with his"

When you have your foot on the gas, it's best not to let it up, and just keep moving full speed ahead to where you are meant to be. That's exactly what chrisfrmkro and slikk are doing delivering dope music at a high rate and high level. This St Louis duo chrisfrmkro and slikk have brought us "rush hour 2 it's a sequel" , "que sera sera" as well as chrisfrmkro being featured on the Producer Spotlight. The pair is on fire and can't lose with the new song "mr omg"

This new song "mr omg" by chrisfrmkro and slikk shows the pair musical range as chrisfrmkro takes a break from his usual singing, to snap all over this production laced by lovebaker. The lyrics are truly a lyrical gold mine with gems being dropped in every line as chrisfrmkro and slikk show a high level of Hip Hop craftsmanship that only a true thorough emcee can show. The lyrics are sharp and the flow is even sharper showing complete control of their power, and doing whatever magic they want all over this amazing track.

The last song from chrisfrmkro and slikk showed you they aren't going anywhere and the new song "mr omg" cements them as top acts you need to look out for in 2019 and beyond. This powerful duo can truly do it all and can make musical greatness any approach they decide to do that only master calls talent can do.

Check out chrisfrmkro and slikk "mr omg" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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