chrisfrmkro - i'm bumpin the oldies

19 May

"You know that I'm forever riding for the n**gas down for me"

Music can come from anywhere but today's ultimate jam is from the familiar source from St Louis chrisfrmkro. The super talented artist/ producer who out does himself every outing. With his latest release "i'm bumpin the oldies" he ups the bar for himself.

The ultra talented chrisfrmkro is not only a great rapper, but an all around great artist. chrisfrmkro is a master at creating records with "i'm bumpin the oldies" being a shining example of his ever growing skillset. The songwriting is incredible and shows just how strong his pen is at crafting records. The flow stands out with his smooth approach in the verses and creates the perfect storm for an experience you can feel.

You owe it to yourself if you love music to check out the new song from chrisfrmkro "i'm bumpin the oldies". chrisfrmkro is truly a star on the rise with him musically being on another planet from what you're using to hearing.

Check out chrisfrmkro "i'm bumpin the oldies" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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