chris x slikk - 104.1 (Album Review)

10 Apr

"I'm a Midwest n**ga, on some Midwest sh*t"

The greatest ideas in this world come from collaboration and no minds come together like St Louis own chris x slikk. The pair first made their debut on Global Money World with their song "rush hour 2 it's a sequel". Displaying their slick signature style that made them stand outs. They have continued to put out great work and have crafted together a masterpiece with their new project "104.1". Check out the review for all you need to know about the project.

Harvey Dent: A perfect intro track to let you know what to expect moving forward. The production is a trap soulful sound, with a trumpet sample underneath that works wonders. The flow is as fluid as water while being wavy all over the track, with his refreshing lyrics that you can vibe out to. 

stl, usa:  "Why these n**gas bugging like they knew me and sh*t".chris x slikk keep the momentum going on the second track, that is perfect piton hand off for this project. The lyrics are brilliantly relatable and executed to perfection with a special delivery from the flow, that's packed with their signature flavor. The verses are on point and makes this track an audio gem.

you know how i'm rockin: chris x slikk connect again to make another soulful masterpiece. The production takes you back to the 99 and 2000 neo soul period, while they bring their fresh approach to music making to create a vibe like no other. The rhymes are lyrical luxury, and give nothing but gems throughout.

throw dat ass like you mean it: This whole track is an experience that can only be described as "Player". The production has a certain sophistication to it, that blends perfectly with their raw lyrics filled with game, that creates a perfect storm of great music. It's chris x slikk at their finest with them knowing how to have a perfect blend of soul and trill to make it digestible for the masses.

x (prod by Supertask): "A n**ga feelin heavenly, it's almost like it's ecstasy". chris x slikk have their own unique sound and Supertask was able to produce a track, that fit their style perfectly and keeping the project sonically intact. The sound is a continual vibe from the groundwork already established that keeps this thing going. The track has a whole wavy and dreamy vibe that you can let play and just vibe out to in your own world, with their musical prowess being on full display.

look: The perfect track to follow up "x" with you not having to even think about hitting a skip button, with this pair giving you everything you could ask for over a track that keeps the same vibe going. The songwriting shines the brightest over this amazing production, with chris x slikk showing being sharp on the pen isn't just all bars but actual song making, with this record being the ultimate proof of that.

fabo: "Geeked up like I'm Fabo" The perfect finale for an amazing piece of art. chris x slikk gives you everything and more on this final track on what is truly a superb body of work. This final song combines everything that give you throughout the project from the slick pen, slicker flows, great melodies, and wavy production to make this a stand out project for the pair to shine to the fullest.

chris x slikk "104.1" is a must listen that you owe to yourself if you love great music. chris x slikk work is everything that makes a project a stand out body of work, as this pair gives you genius on every track from beginning to end.

Check out chris x slikk "104.1" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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