Chimezie - DARK KNIGHT

27 Dec

"Dark Knight, another crusade, bullets ricochet, I'm Luke Cage"

I'm one of the biggest Batman fans out there. He's truly the only superhero I have any attachment to, so when I came across a song titled "DARK KNIGHT" my expectations were high and I was hopeful for a masterful execution. Chimezie exceeded any expectation one could have and truly knocked this song out the park in superb fashion.

Chimezie displays true high caliber emceeing on "DARK KNIGHT" with a stellar performance on the mic, rocking this hard production with a Batman sample flip. The lyrics are potent and hard hitting, with the flow delivering each bar perfectly with a masterful flow.

Chimezie's "DARK KNIGHT" delivers an exciting new track for the fans that will save the day for Gotham City and the world. Chimezie gives you everything that you could want from an emcee at a high level and delivers a hip hop masterpiece with unlimited replay value.

Check out Chimezie "DARK Knight" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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