Casey Dineo - F**K You Mean

03 Oct

"Still the same muthaf**ka 18 smoking on green""

It's no secret when having a music platform that you get a lot of music to sort through to find the best content. Sometimes you get stuck in a dry spell and just need something to bring you some life in it all. Casey Dinero  song "F**k You Mean" was my SOS for today.

Casey Dinero comes through on the track "F**k You Mean" with his trill flow and braggadocios filled lyrics as he boasts his skill and clout some can only dream of getting a taste of as he raps with ease and bravado over the soulful dripped out beat that takes you back to Screw Tapes.

Casey doesn't only give us content full of shine but also give the down to earth feel that makes you feel you're getting to know the real him and staying a level up on the competition. Casey's music is high class trill rap and "F**k You Mean" is nothing short of excellence.

Check out the track below and also follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends! 

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