Caan - High Tides

28 Sep

"Keep ya head above the water, cause we ain't never coming down"

My first love in life was R&B music. True musicianship and singing has always been my favorite and go to when I want to enjoy the moment. If I was as talented as this artist I would definitely try to have a singing career in some capacity and the artist I speak of is London's own Caan with his new song "High Tides".

Caan's new song "High Tide" is true Luxury on display with his rich singing and production accompanied by his video that is sheer art. Caan's style reminds me of The Weeknd as he sings "We're just waves up on the high tide".

Caan's newest work is nothing short of amazing and is definitely a song that you will want to keep on repeat and show others. Below is a link to the video and follow him on twitter as well. Stay Global my friends!

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