Butch Dawson - Feel Nobody

21 Oct

"Here's a little story from a kid from the swampy"

Music can be a lot of things. Some music is just nice, makes you feel happy, and see the sunset. Then there's music that you have to clear the streets out for because it's way too hard for anything that's out there and if you're not ready for this type of fire do not go outside. Butch Dawson's "Feel Nobody" is that type of fire and more!

Butch Dawson gives you nothing short of excellence on "Feel Nobody" over this dark trap beat that instantly sets the tone for Butch to display his lyrical prowess over this track. Butch Dawson's presence is felt all over "Feel Nobody" as he carries the beat with his hard lyrics that show he's nothing close to a slouch on the mic.

Butch Dawson's "Feel Nobody" is accompanied by an equally amazing video that brings the song to life as you can really buy in to who Butch is as an artist and is reminiscent of the first time I seen the Mobb Deep "Survival of the Fittest" video for the first time as it gives you the grime you desire.

Check out Butch Dawson "Feel Nobody" and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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