BRYN featuring Dreezy - DRUNK & WAVEY

20 Nov

"I get drunk and wavey every night"

When hip hop first started there was a big distinction between rapping and singing. Either an artist did one or the other. We're in a new age of hip hop where there are a plethora of artist who talented at both and BRYN is one of those artists with her new song "DRUNK & WAVEY" featuring Dreezy.

BRYN is a multi - talented artist being skilled in rapping, singing, and songwriting. BRYN's talents are showcased to the fullest on "DRUNK & WAVEY". BRYN is a rising London star and lives up to the part in the fullest in the video. BRYN shines bright showing off the glare and charisma she's known for in her music, having a commanding presence that really sells the new song.

BRYN enlists Dreezy for the feature and she's perfectly fitting for the occasion with her swagger filled rap flow that compliments, her perfect combination of smooth vocals, with hard lyrics that's gold on "DRUNK & WAVEY"

Check out BRYN featuring Dreezy "DRUNK & WAVEY" below and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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