Brighton's own Louis Crowley gives us a closer look into who he is as an artist and his debut single "Mileage"

18 Nov

Louis Crowley is an artist out Brighton who first made his debut on the Global Media Blog with his first single "Mileage". The song was such a smash we wanted to know more about the man behind the music. Louis was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions. This is what he had to say below.

When did you know that you wanted to become an artist?

For me it wasn't even like I always wanted to be an artist, it just started out as freestyling as a joke with my mates, I never thought that I would get this invested in it as I am now. I properly got introduced to music when I bumped into someone I knew way back, we were just talking about what we were doing in life then, he told me he knew someone who had a studio locally and I ended up getting the producers number. From there I just recorded shitty freestyles and made a lot of songs i'm never gonna put out, it wasn't that serious until I made my own studio and started doing my own thing. Since that i've just been mixing my own stuff and with other artists only now wanting to properly do music.

What are some of the influences  for your style?

To be honest, its so early on in my career I haven't got to show my full versatility to have a certain style. But when it comes to my influences, I have loads, a lot of it is the Uk scene from London right now, but then theres artists like biggie that I used to listen to when I was younger to now artists like young thug now. I'm influenced by a lot of artists but never fully by one, its collective, It's like I could be inspired by one song from an artist but not rate another song by the same artist at all, thats not always the case but I take inspiration from different songs rather than the artist as a whole.

What was your mindset when making Mileage?

I cant even remember now, I didn't know what type of song I was gonna make, just going through beats and found this one for mileage. I never know what i'm gonna say or type of song I do until I hear the beat, and then I just see how I feel from the beat and make the song.

How did you know Mileage was the right song to make your artistic debut?

I made other songs, but at the time because it was catchy and had lyrics that showed how I felt, I knew it was the right one to put out for my first song. When making a song you always think its good until you hear it a few hours later or the next day its either gonna sound good like it did when you made it or its just gonna sound bad. Mileage was one that still sounded good.

How does it feel now that Mileage is out to the people?

Its always good when you put out a song, the feedback you get and the love people show you for it is always blessed, for mileage it was different though, this is the best reaction i've got from a song before and I can tell people like this one.

What can people expect next from Louis Crowley ?

The next song i'm putting out is a lot different from mileage, i've got quite a few different type of songs i'm gonna put out, that's why i'm saying I cant show how versatile I am till i've released a few more songs. More music is definitely coming though, there a few songs that are already finished and i'm waiting to release but i'm putting them out very soon, just working on videos for a couple of them

Check out Louis Crowley "Mileage" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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