Brian Chinn - Run It Up

16 May

"In and out of town, I might pop up in LA"

It truly takes a high level of talent to make a track that truly stands out above the hundreds of daily releases out there. You wont find too many artist as talented as New York based artist Brian Chinn as he works his magic on his new song "Run It Up".

Brian Chinn crafts together a one of a kind audio masterpiece with his song "Run It Up". His sound has a dark, big light bounce to it that makes you feel like, you're on the Brooklyn Bridge looking at the big lights and water surrounding this place of dreamers, while also sounding like a radio hit you would hear everywhere. Brian Chinn really lets his songwriting skills shine on this incredible record,with a pen that has potential to craft a discography of hits for himself and others.

Brian Chinn's "Run It Up" is his best work to showcase his high level of musical skills to the fullest. The vocal performance is amazing, the songwriting is brilliant and the production is beyond genius that truly makes this record beyond music, but just sheer art for the world to enjoy.

Check out Brian Chinn "Run It Up" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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