Breeze - Pull Up

18 Aug

"I pull up and go for real!"

The weekend is here!

I try to always bring the best banger I can find to make sure everyone knows the music they should be bouncing to for the weekend and this week Orlando, Florida emcee Breeze brings the bounce Orlando is know for with his song "Pull Up".

Breeze takes a popular phrase and turns it into a banger that instantly grabs you when you hear the synth pads and Breeze speaking with so much swagger and bravado before the bass heavy beat drops. When the beat drops Breeze comes in with the infectious hook "I pull up and go, I pull up and go, I pull up and go for real, Aye I pull up and go"

Breeze matches his infectious hook with equally creative verses that commands your attention and makes you wish the track was longer. "Pull up" is a smash and with a video accompanying the record I'm sure he knows it as well.

A link to the video is below as well as a link to his twitter. Enjoy the breeze! Stay Global my friends!

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