Brandon Kai - Company

06 Oct

"It's been long time since we kept each other company"

Something I love about music is that it has many different styles. Sometimes I love real underground hp hip that takes makes you feel like you're walking under a subway in New York, sometimes I like trap music that takes deep in the streets, and then sometimes i like music that is just smooth and fluid as a 100 year old wine. Brandon Kai's new song "Company" is the latter.

Brandon Kai masterfully crafts together a great track on Company that beginning makes me think of Drake's "Karaoke" before Kai comes in with a style that sounds familiar but he totally makes his own. Brandon Kai uses the right tone as he tells the right story of needing some "Company".

Brandon Kai gets in the right pocket and let his vocals control the ambient bass heavy production as he maneuvers through the track smoothly with great cadence and relatable lyrics with a style that's so fluid it's easy to get lost in the wave.

Check out Brandon Kai's new track "Company" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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